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What do you do with our items after they are scanned?

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We can give them back for you or we can keep them and have them shredded when you are satisfied that all your information is now digital. We normally hold them for 6 months but this can be discussed at the start of the project.

Do you have a minimum or maximum amount limit?

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No, but we do give better prices the more items you have to scan. If you have a lot of paper we would enjoy digitizing it for you at a great price.

What do you base your quote on?

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Depending on the job we can quote you based on bankers boxes, pages, images, maps or books. Contact us with quantities of your items and we would be happy to give you a price.

How much do you charge for a scanning job?

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Each project is unique and as such, it is unfair to give an exact quote here. Please contact us with your needs, we would then give you a more exact estimate.


Here is a list of commonly asked questions and our responses.

Call us for more detailed answers to your questions.

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