Our consultation service is a perfect place to start for any company who has made the decision for digital imaging of their physical documents/material and electronic document management regardless of their current progress.

From clients who do not know where to begin, to clients looking to move to the next level with their existing digital documents and management, we can advise at any stage.

The guidance we provide can be based on clients looking to deal with the digital imaging and document management in-house, out-sourced or a combination of both.

During consultation and depending on a clients' needs, we can cover:

  • Identifying document types

  • Document preparation

  • Determining image file formats and types

  • Organizing and storing of physical and digital files

  • Retrieval of physical and digital files

  • Security of physical and digital files

  • Document scanning requirements and processes

  • Document management requirements and processes

  • Development of documentation

Making Notes