Precision Digital is an industry leader in document scanning and digital imaging services.  With the use of specialized imaging software and hardware tools, our primary focus is to understand the needs within an organization and deliver the highest quality products to the marketplace.

At Precision Digital, we understand that an organization's information is vital to the knowledge transfer and decision making processes within the organization.  We adhere to Canadian General Services Board (CGSB) and ISO

Precision Digital has been providing companies with trusted document management solutions for a number of years. The company has grown to be the one of the leading document management solutions providers in the Atlantic Provinces. 

Precision will be an integral part of your document management processes- from developing a strategy to execution and implementation. Our primary focus is to be the preferred supplier of document management solutions to businesses and organizations, striving to achieve simple solutions to complex document management challenges.


Precision Digital is professionally equipped to manage all of your document management needs.  Our highly trusted staff provide service and support to our customers allowing your organization to focus on core competencies, increasing productivity, performance and profits while ensuring your organizations environmental sustainability.